New Year offerings

Happy holidays to my dearest yogis and yoginis! I have been bustling away with my little babe, teaching and learning at a couple different studios, and really just taking in the joy of each moment. I am remembering to breathe deeply, gaze softly, and appreciate the gifts that come my way. With the New Year … More New Year offerings

Beginner 101 Yoga

Starting on November 9th, I will be leading the Beginner 101 Yoga class at Open Space Yoga! If you’re curious about yoga, but a little nervous to step into a public class for whatever reason, sign up for this registered series. It will give you the tools and confidence you need to continue onto drop-in … More Beginner 101 Yoga

Making Space

Sometimes when you are doing all that you can to expand and evolve, you hit a speed bump that slows your journey down. If something isn’t aligning properly with your vision (even when you THINK it is), it’s like the axle on your car is off kilter. You see where you want to go and … More Making Space

Life change!

I’m taking a week off being a teacher to become a wife and celebrate accordingly!! Share your love with those around you, people!! xoxo Om shanti!!

A little piece of advice from a Mr. Benjamin Franklin…

An old, dear yogi friend of mine crashed on our couch last week and when I awoke there was a quote sitting on the table. It was coined by Benjamin Franklin (1766-1790), an American Statesman. It’s amazing how the more you read, the more you realize that we’re all yogis looking for eternal peace… “There … More A little piece of advice from a Mr. Benjamin Franklin…