This is the sound of your heart.

Our first Heart Sounds workshop was so beautifully overwhelming that I’ve had trouble talking about it much until now. Let me first say that I am completely blown away by the show of support from our friends and family, and my students, through this venture. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

I’ll state it simply: starting a new journey such as this, one that is so close to your heart and soul, is absolutely terrifying.

To bear all and have faith that it is the right path for you is really hard. I have spent many hours planning, talking, hashing out details, burning those plans, revamping, replanning, crying, laughing, struggling, vibrating with excitement. Sleepless nights and tearful days, followed by meditations that show me very clearly that this is the right path are countless. I cannot express the magnitude of this venture for me, and for my family.


Our first workshop was in Roberts Creek at Yoga by the Sea, a beautiful studio surrounded by the sights and sounds of ocean and forest. We spent the beginning of our time together chanting mantra, intentionally tapping into our hearts and the unlimited potential that we have to give, receive, and embody love. The sounds of the guitar were soothing and connective, and as the mantras continued there was a gathering of everyones energy together, sweetly guiding each other deeper into our authentic selves. Our yoga asana practice started out by moving through our hips and hearts, finding mobility and accessing the spaces that get so guarded through our every day lives. We shed layers of guilt, fear, trauma, insecurities, self-diminishment, self-loathing, addictions, perceived judgements, and all of the accumulation of impurities that weigh us down. We committed to consciously let go of the things that do not serve us, to make room for the good, the beauty, the stillness, the voice, the soul, and the heart. Our restorative practice was like surrendering to the Earth and all it’s glory and power. There was no need to resist once the setting of safety and support was established. People got really deep into their surrender, it was so amazing to witness! Throughout the whole process was the incredible vibrations of the acoustic guitar, masterfully played by Alec. He read the room so well, knew exactly what was needed and when, and when the time was right, allowed for silence. Those moments of silence were powerful, as the intensity of what was occurring could just settle in. I am forever grateful for the gifts he brings to my life, and our ability to share our passions with the World.

One of the most magical parts of this whole experience, is that the effects of the workshops last so much longer than the duration in which they are explored. We have had such incredible feedback from our students, which has been really reassuring in those moments of doubt, that we are doing the right thing. Some incredible words of support:



“Jes, I thought I was going with some friends on a mini-road trip to Sechelt to have a day away from the busy life on the mainland and to support a friend that was starting a new endevour.

Nothing prepared me for Heart Sounds. What you and Alec shared with me was a memory, a thought and a feeling I am weaving into my hectic life. You never ceases to amaze me. I hope that many others are fortunate enough to be able to attend this work shop!”


“Jes and Alec, thanks so much for creating such a beautiful and heart swelling workshop.  I’d never experienced anything like the mantra chanting before, and it absolutely fills me with joy every time I think about it.  As someone who has been to many of your classes in the past, this is everything that brings me back every week times a hundred, with the added bonus of Alec’s beautiful acoustic guitar playing.  The mood created in those two hours gave me focus and love to bring home, and I would encourage anyone looking for a heart re-fueling to sign up immediately!  Again, thanks for the day, Jes and Alec, I will never forget it!  — Chantel”


“My usual week involves busyness and multitasking.  Being new to yoga I wasn’t sure what to expect but this workshop was incredible and inspiring and exceeded all my expectations. With Jes and Alec working together it was a new and fascinating yoga experience for me.  Thanks to Jes and Alec I am on my way to finding a new balance.”


“The Heart Sounds workshop was my first time doing a two hour yoga class so I have to admit that I was a bit shocked when I felt myself wanting more as the class was ending. I wasn’t exhausted at all – I felt inspired, rejuvenated and more balanced. The combination of Alec playing live guitar while Jes instructed such a powerful yoga class was absolutely amazing. I could literally feel the music’s gentle vibrations soothing my mind and body during the class. I would highly recommend treating yourself to this beautiful and unique workshop should you get the opportunity.


Tanya Staunton”


Keep your eyes open for more Heart Sounds workshops coming up, all around BC.


I am coming to realize the magnitude of our offering. This is something that is missing, it is needed, and it is creating positive change in those who attend. I cannot stress enough how incredible this is. This is our dream, and it’s becoming a reality. Never give up. Never sell yourself short. Know that if you listen into the messages from your heart, you will soar to new heights in love and in life!


In peace,


One thought on “This is the sound of your heart.

  1. Jes, I am so inspired to read about what you and Alec have created together. I think this workshop is one of the most fantastic offerings there is on a subject that is so easy to avoid. Will full embrace and compassion you take this head on. You are amazing. peas and so much love.


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