Making Space

Sometimes when you are doing all that you can to expand and evolve, you hit a speed bump that slows your journey down. If something isn’t aligning properly with your vision (even when you THINK it is), it’s like the axle on your car is off kilter. You see where you want to go and you’re aiming right for it, but every time you step on the gas, you veer off to the side. So you resettle yourself towards the target, take aim, press on the gas, gain some momentum, and BOOF, you hit the gutter again.

So, what do you do? Keep aiming, gaining speed and crashing? No. Take the time to sit with it. Enjoy your breath and feel it reaching every cell in your body. Once the body is settled, then bring the question into your mind. Is this serving me in an authentic way? Will I reach my goal of achieving the truest expression of my self?

What was your initial answer? What popped into your head immediately? That’s probably your answer. It was sitting there all along, but you were trying so hard to force your steering wheel the other way, you didn’t notice it.

Have faith in your gut instinct. Make a decision and stick with it. It’ll make space for what your are truly trying to achieve.


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