Welcome to my new site!

Namaste and welcome to all of you who found yourselves here!!

My good friend Wayne (www.waynestadler.com) has been working very hard to get my new look up and running, and I’d like to give him thanks for my site and business cards that are about to come to be. Thanks Wayne!! I am really excited to have this site as a home base for me to share my schedule, progress as a teacher and a student, and just generally keep myself out in the open for all those who would like to know more about me and my journey.

I have spent the past year as a sponge, taking as many workshops and courses as I can to absorb the plentiful amounts of information that are available out there.  I am going to be adding to my bio page every time I complete one of these ventures, so be sure to check up on it and see how my progress goes!

If there are any additions or improvements you would like to see to this site, please send me an email through the contact page, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request!

For now, I’m off to work on some more homework (Thank you Chris Chavez!) but be sure to join my RSS feed to keep up to date on all the new additions to this site!!

Thanks for visiting and shine on!!


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