Life as we know it.

Life as we know it, is a journey.

The beginning and the end are predetermined but the journey is up to us. We are handed this life to ride like a wave. With all the ebb and flow it can be a challenge, but we endure and in the end the wave is sweet. If you can learn to take each ripple in stride and focus on the present moment, you’ll find your peace.You’ll find your balance. You’ll find your samadhi.

This is not a simple challenge, because humans like to hold on to fear, and habits. Our brains are programed to take the easy way out and we become lazy. Complacent. Anxious. Depressed. It’s a vicious cycle and once it begins, it’s hard to get out.

There is a way to overcome our passiveness and be absolutely present. We can reprogram our brains, but it takes dedication and commitment to try. Stop trying to plan out the rest of  your life and take a moment to be aware of what’s going on today. Right this very moment. Become aware of your breath, and feel the oxygen filling your lungs. Really, right now. Stop what you’re doing and just breathe…



….Ok, feel that? That’s being in the present…

Once you know what that feels like, you can learn to extend the time you spend in the present. You can learn to acknowledge thoughts and then just let them float away. You can become aware of every single thing going on in your body. You can focus on each tiny muscle, nerve and tissue. You can learn to communicate with your body in a way you never would. Being able to find your self in that present moment will bring you to a whole new level of life. You become aware of things going on around you that you never would have before because you were too busy dwelling on the past or planning the future. Colors get brighter, smells become more distinct, and everything on this planet is buzzing with energy.

To me, this is what Yoga is about. Finding the peace within myself, and letting it wrap me up with love. When you get into that space, you can let go. And letting go, to me, is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Pain in inevitable, suffering is optional.

Find the sweetness in life and savor it. Delight in the simple things. Find your breath. Be at Peace. Yoga.

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